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Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein

Choi Xooang, Isometric Male, 2013

Choi Xooang, Isometric Female, 2013


John Baldessari, Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell (1966-68).

Choi Xooang, Reflection; 2012

Nicolas Bruno, Art in Sleep Paralysis

Nicolas Bruno, Art in Sleep Paralysis

Katja Windau, Neoplasticism in Foam

Evelyn de Morgan, Hope in the Prison of Despair; 1887

Anders Krisár, Untitled; 2013

online exhibition of Hong Kong’s neon signs

Odilon Redon, Composition: Flowers; 

photo by Bona Liu, for an online exhibition of Hong Kong’s neon signs

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